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Red Fox Skull | 3D Printed

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Everyone wants to collect skulls, that's just human nature. Not everyone wants the real life skull that used to be a living animal or a skull that is fragile the way that a real animal skull can be. That is where we step in. Our red fox, vulpes vulpes, skulls are 3D printed making them a lot more durable than the real thing and you don't have to think about the cute red canidae that it came from. These replica fox skulls come with the mandible attached as a single piece and is not articulated. You can choose black, red, or bone white, but you can also paint these skulls to make them even more unique. A fox skull is the perfect way to spruce up your gothic home decor, add to your vegan bone collection, or an affordable addition to your Halloween decorations.
*Real feline skull in photos is just for comparison
*Mandible can not be removed

The size of the fox skull with mandible is approximately 49x85x49mm (1.93 x 3.35 x 1.93 inches).
** Our replica animal skulls are all 85mm (3.35 inches) in length to all be an equal size. They are not necessarily the size of the actual animal skull but rather part of a collection of like-sized skulls. **

Materials & Process
Layer by layer this replica fox skull is 3D printed using PLA (polylactic acid) which is a biodegradable and bioactive thermoplastic aliphatic polyester derived from renewable resources, such as corn starch. It takes just over 10 hours to print each skull.

The 3D printing process is not perfect so there may be blemishes in the surface finishes and visible layer lines. Items will not be exactly as pictured and as much as we try to take colour accurate photos, the colour may be slightly different than viewed on your screen.