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Pushing Up Daisies – Loose Leaf Tea

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When flowers and a card simply will not do.

Give them a gift to remember. Tea and skull sugar cubes!


Indulge in the ritual of coming home with the "champagne" of black tea blended with marigold petals. This tea yields a smooth bold cup, with a deep apricot color, enhanced by marigold petals. 


Marigolds are associated with guiding the spirits of the dead back home. These golden petals lend a subtle floral note to this smooth tea.



• One bag (1.5 oz of tea)

• Loose leaf tea (not tea bags)

• Contains caffeine

• Does not contain ar eatificial flavor or colorants

• Resealable black foil pouch

• Steep 3-4 Minutes for best results




INGREDIENTS: Darjeeling Tea (camellia sinensis), Marigold (calendula officinalis)


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