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Alchemy Empire Uncle Albert's Timepiece Ear Cuff

$34.95 USD
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  • The perfect miniature, 13-hour Lunar time fob watch and its accoutrements from the Victorian era, ingeniously cuffed and pinned around the fortunate dandy's ear.

    Inscribed with 'Hora Morti' - the 'Hour of Death', and on the cuff the Latin phrase reads 'Tempus Fugit, Tempus Moritur' - 'Time Flies, Time Dies'.

    Uncle Albert knows there are 13 lunar months to the year . . .

    A miniature pocket watch pewter stud with glazed dial, chained to a pewter cuff, and hanging from the fine albert chain are a clockwork key and a bronzed shield fob.

    (Watch face is not an actual functioning timepiece)

    See complementary Choker (P729)

    Approximate Dimensions:
    Width 0.83" x Height 5.71" x Depth 0.63".
    Cuff Stud Earring
    Fine English two tone pewter with an imitation glass watch face