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First About Us

Welcome home, dear one. 

How do we know that you’re home?  Because we know you. 

You never totally outgrew dying your hair bold colors, and your look is never complete without the charcoal liner.  You adore the crisp sting of fall air, the dark nights, and the allure of a well-planned Halloween party.  You admire the chic and mysterious vibe of the gothic style, and at your core, long to be a modern day, elegantly dressed enchantress chatting and sipping wine with your best witches – all while enjoying a macabre garden party with a deliciously dark twist.  You love deathly décor with an edge, impactful fashion, and makeup that brings out the night in your eyes.

...we know you, because we ARE you.

NicheNoire is an online community and market of likeminded aficionados of the goth lifestyle.  We firmly believe that the most beautiful form of self-care comes with honest self-expression, and we also believe that a love for all things goth, punk, and alternative is a phase that doesn’t need to be grown out of.   We believe in dressing in clothes that express our power, wearing makeup that makes us feel beautiful, and adorning our home in items that please our soul. 

We believe that the goth lifestyle is the only lifestyle for us – and we believe you feel the same.

At NicheNoire, we embrace the darkness.

Founded in 2020, NicheNoire is a community of talented creators with a passion for darkness, a love of goth, and an affinity for the avant guard. Offering a robust assortment of modern home décor, superior fashion, stunning jewelry, killer shoes, and sublime beauty products, NicheNoire is the playground for the more mature goths of the world.

Calling the Dark Souls of the World

NicheNoire is a modern-day online market designed with every goth style in mind – from the sheer sophistication of Morticia Addams, to the 90s edgy punk darkness of Lydia Deetz, to the vampiric delight of Lily Munster, and every dark-driven heroine in between. We connect our customers to outstanding pieces of fashion, accessories, shoes, and home goods that are directly inspired by the gothic and alternative lifestyle.

Our one-of-a-kind online market for the macabre connects our customers to a delightful assortment of talented brands and sellers with their own unique take on fashion and décor.  NicheNoire is your one-stop-goth-shopping experience where darkness reigns and honest self-expression is at the core of our mission.

So, again:  Welcome to NicheNoire, darling.  We’ve been eagerly awaiting your arrival.