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About Us

So who is NicheNoire?


We are the punk and goth kids who grew up and now have kids of our own. Our houses are adorned with dead things and we don’t care who understands it. We are responsible adults but still refuse to play the game of societal norms. So, hell yeah we go to that teacher’s meeting with extra spike on the hawk, neck covered in ink, a cute grim reaper tee and frisbees in our earlobes. Sup teach?


Why did you start NicheNoire?


NicheNoire was born out of our love of 2 things: the alt/goth scene and small business/entrepreneurship.


There are so many alt/goth products and sites online, that it can be hard to sift through, especially on big marketplaces that cater to everyone and everything. We wanted to create a site where customers could find multiple shops, all alt/goth and all in one location. A place to find their favs while discovering new brands and new favs! A place to connect with other people who love the same things that they do!


NicheNoire is a new company, but we are not new to online business. We know how hard it is to be seen and connect with the right audience in this crowded online world. We also know how sellers are treated on the big marketplaces and, honestly, we think that sucks. Oh yeah, we’ve felt that pain! So, we wanted to create a site where an alt business of any size could be easily discovered, treated well, and flourish! We want to see alt businesses succeed and to do our part to help!...Especially when the normies didn't think any of us could. ;)


What’s the vision?


Our vision is to grow along side our sellers to create the largest and highest-quality, alt marketplace and community out there. One location online where alt lovers and alt brands can connect, thrive and build a community!


As we grow, our vision is to continually improve while adding new features, products and services to serve our customers needs as well as serve our sellers and their businesses!


~ 🖤 NicheNoire Fam


P.S. If you believe in this vision of a stong alt community and strong alt businesses, let people know that you are part of the movement! Add #NicheNoireCollective to your social posts and/or profiles.